Over the years, Philippine pop industry is taking its motion to make it in the local and international stream. The new wave of OPM has gone so far with the breakthrough of experimenting and creating programs by which every production companies including TV networks has provides platform in establishing Pop realm. Now, with this occurrence in the Philippine music scene, we uphold the distinction of every artists in every talent management, recording labels, entertainment productions and independent artists who dedicated and showed their best through every crafts they produced and contributed in the Philippine Pop industry.

This year, In pursuant to Proclamation No. 1173 (s. 1973) declared the last week of November of each year as the National Music Week for Young Artists; Whereas, it is critical in the achievement of the long-term goal of reviving original Pilipino music that the Filipino audience has awareness and appreciation of homegrown music; We; from the PPOP Artists League and P-pop Entertainment News Site in partnerships with the National Parks Development Committee (NPDC) will bring you “The PPOP ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS 2016” which recognizes the young artists in the industry being an advocates in rising the Philippine Pop culture on music and performing arts.

The 1st PPOP Entertainment Awards 2016 is set to hold the Awarding Ceremony on November 26, 2016, Saturday, 6-10PM live at the Rizal Park Open-Air Auditorium, located in Luneta Manila, Philippines under the regular weekly program of NPDC and Department of Tourism through its Saturday regular program “Labs Kita, Sabado! This event is also supported by the Filipino Composers Development Cooperative (FILCOMDEC), Office of the City Mayor Herbert Bautista, HB Culture & Arts, Signrays Advertising and sponsored by Avon, Mcdonalds, Slimmers World, Curves, Eleventh28 Gourmet Burgers and Cherish Events Solutions. Media partners: WhenInManila.Com, PTV4, Manila Express, TsisMax @ Global News Network, Titik at Musika- Magic 88.7, Musika at Entablado- DZXL, BarterKing- DZME, Raydio Filipino, Bannawag and The Philippines Events.

This  will  be  joined  with  these  year’s  winners  in  the different categories which resulted in a total of 667,741 votes from the fans who voted on the poll. See the complete list of the nominees https://ppopsite.x10host.com/p-pop-entertainment-awards-2016/

PPOP is definitely improving and growing, taking the local music scene in a different view as we rise together in rekindling the best of the Filipino and this will feature the special performances of some of the renowned PPOP artists such as Young JV, Freshmen, Eurika, Fab4z, Keith Cruz, Four Dimensions, Via Saroca, Arsenal, Cherryz Mendoza and many more.

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