LOOK: This Portable Rechargeable Fan Has a Max Power of 100

Summer temperatures have yet to reach an all-time high, but we all should be preparing our summer essentials as early as now.

Our new summer must-have recommendation for you is a powerful portable and rechargeable fan. And this is exactly the one you should get: the Jisulife Portable Fan from The Nest Manila.

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The Nest Manila is our go-to budol wonderland for all things cool, unique, and functional. Just in time for the summer, they just released what’s dubbed as “the world’s number 1 portable fan”.

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The Jisulife Portable Fan has two types—the 3-in-1 portable fan and the mini fan pro.

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We got a hold of them and here’s why you should get one for you, too.

First, the design is super stylish. If you’re not a fan of the regular pastel-colored portable fans, these feature sleek designs with an aluminum alloy texture. It’s also lightweight and designed to be held comfortably.

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Both portable fans—the 3-in-1 portable fan and the mini fan pro—have an LED screen that displays the battery percentage and the power of the fan. They both also have a scroll wheel control to adjust the fan’s speed or power.

Here’s the best part about these fans: they have a power setting of up to 100! Yes, you can power up these portable fans to the maximum speed of 100. And believe me, even at a setting of 1, these fans are already powerful enough to keep us cool under the heat of the sun.

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It surprised me how powerful these fans really were!

What makes the 3-in-1 portable fan different is that it comes with 3 attachments that make it more than just your regular portable rechargeable fan. You can use it for inflating items, cleaning dust off corners, or to help with grilling!

There’s also a built-in light that makes it perfect to use when there’s a power outage.

The mini fan pro, on the other hand, is a bit smaller yet still just as powerful. It can also last up to 15 hours when it’s fully charged.

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Now that we got to try these ultra-powerful rechargeable portable hand-held fans, we’re never going back to the regular ones again. It’s like bringing a regular stand fan along with you while you go around in the summer heat!

So, if you can’t function normally when it’s too hot out, you definitely need to add these portable fans to your cart.

Buy the Jisulife 3-in-1 Portable Fan here.

Buy the Jisulife Mini Fan Pro here.

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