Police Story 2013 – 5 Reasons Why You Should See Jackie Chan’s New Movie

Police Story 2013: 5 Reasons Why You Should See Jackie Chan’s New Movie

When in Manila, Jackie Chan fans should unite as the martial arts actor comes back to the big screen for the action movie Police Story 2013.

We have heard the rumors that Jackie Chan is retiring, but this man who started his career as a stuntman and became his country’s action star in the 70s is reinventing himself in the 6th installment of the Police Story.

Police Story 2013 When in Manila


In this Englishdubbed movie, Jackie Chan plays the role of Detective Zhong Wen, a policeman who is skilled in handling and negotiating with hostage takers. The movie stars with Liu Ye, Jing Tian, Guli Nazha and Zhou Xiao Ou and is directed by Ding Sheng.

We have listed 5 reasons why you should see Police Story 2013 and not be a hostage at home.

1. Police Story 2013 is Marked with Real Stunts.

We have seen a lot of Jackie Chan movies with all the fluid fighting scenes that make us think  he is immortal. In Police Story 2013, the fighting scenes look very painful – and admittedly, they are.

As Jackie Chan admits, “The fights were with genuine MMA (mixed martial arts) boxers, not stuntmen; so, they didn’t know how to control their strength when we were filming the fight sequences. Those were rock-hard, solid punches and kicks.”

I remember covering my eyes and not watching some action scenes in the movie (and that ladies, would be a good thing if you are out with a hot date!)

Police Story 2013 When in Manila

2. See Jackie Chan without the Humor.

In this movie, we will see less spider-crawling moves from Jackie Chan and more of really good fight scenes (read above), as well as soap opera-worthy acting. His role of an aging cop trying to mend relationship with his daughter while staying dedicated to his job works perfectly in the film. I sure miss the trademark Jackie Chan humor, but he offered us something new in this film.

I feel that he is so effective in the role that part of me wants to be his daughter , or I want him to be the cop handling my hostage-taker.  Police officers should get inspiration from Jackie Chan’s character. 

3.  Know The History and His Story.

Play detective and investigative cop as the story unfolds with flashback scenes that happened 5 years ago in the life of Detective Zhong Wen. You will not just sit in the theater while enjoying your popcorn and soda; your brain cells will also do good punches and kicks trying to connect the characters’ relationship with each other.

Police Story 2013 When in Manila

4. Learn that “Every life is precious”.

Every movie imparts a lesson and Police Story 2013 brings a good lesson about family and dedication to work. The movie repeatedly shares that “Every life is precious” , which I also see as a translation that every minute with your loved one is essential. There is more to this movie than letting you see which is more important – family or work. Most might quickly answer “family”, but seeing this movie will let you realize how important your role is as a family member in supporting and understanding someone in his/her job.

5. Hear Jackie Sing!

Not only does Jackie Chan star in this film; he is also on vocals for the movie theme song, “Rescue,”. The famous Chinese musician Sun Nan took charge of its arrangement and harmonization. We are not sure though if Jackie Chan is doing martial arts moves while recording the theme song, though.


Police story 2013 When in Manila


Police Story 2013 opens January 22 in cinemas When in Manila by Megavision Inc.



Police Story 2013 – 5 Reasons Why You Should See Jackie Chan’s New Movie


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