Pokémon Lapras Has Officially Been Named A Tourist Ambassador In Japan

The Miyagi Prefecture has made Pokémon Lapras one of its official ambassadors for tourism. With its location being on the coast of Honshu island, the choice of an aquatic Pokémon only makes sense. It is especially apt as the move to name the new ambassador comes in a bid to increase tourism following the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

Miyagi Governor Yoshihiro Murai made the announcement in a press conference just last week. In addition to seeing the lovable Pokémon in mascot-form around the area, a number of other gimmicks will accompany Lapras’ new status. One example is a new line of Lapras inflatable swim toys which will only be available in Miyagi’s public pool facilities.

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Perhaps most excitingly are the new Lapras pedal boats which take on the form of the Pokémon. Harking back to this Pokémon’s practice of allowing travelers on its back, this new fleet is just waiting to be taken out for a spin at Miyagi’s Michinoku Park lake starting July 21, and at the Hanayama Aoshonen Ryokomura camping and outdoor activity area from August 3.

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With Lapras’ official start as ambassador commencing in October, the partnership organizers promise that there is still more to come.

What character do you think the Philippines should make a tourism ambassador? 


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