Pokemon Fans! Add This Upcoming Slowpoke Park to Your Must-Visit List

SoraNews24 reports that Japan is currently building a “Slowpoke park,” an absolute treat to Pokemon fans!

The upcoming Pokemon-themed park will be named as “Yadon Park” because “Yadon” is the anime character’s Japanese name. Set to open in mid-April of 2023, the Kagawa Prefecture Tourism Association released an initial concept inspired by the Water/Psychic-type Pokemon.

Located on Shikoku Island, Kagawa a.k.a. “Udon Prefecture” is known for its people’s love for udon. Since the Japanese noodle sounds like “Yadon,” Kagawa joked that it was renaming itself “Yadon (Slowpoke) Prefecture” with Slowpoke as the prefectural governor on April Fool’s Day 2018.

In 2019, they installed adorable Slowpoke manhole covers featuring the Pocket Monster in the prefecture’s most popular tourist destinations. They’ve also had Slowpoke ferries and buses and special Slowpoke food!

Now, we can’t wait to see the upcoming Slowpoke park!

How about you, what are your thoughts on this? Tell us in the comments.

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