#PNPGoodDeeds: Police Officer Helps Elderly Lady Who Got Bitten by a Dog

Here’s a good read about our police officers.

Just when most of us have lost our trust or faith in them, one of them shines to help out an elderly lady who didn’t have money to pay for her treatment when she got bitten by a dog.

A netizen posted on Facebook the details of the cop’s good deed.

PNP Helps Elderly Lady

Rough translation:

A while ago at San Lazaro Hospital, after paying to the cashiers, I saw a police officer assisting an elderly lady. I initially thought that was his mother or grandmother when I heard someone say, “Poor lady. She was just begging for alms and she even got bitten by a dog.” So, I talked to that person and asked what the police officer was doing. Apparently, the police officer saw the elderly lady in the waiting area doing nothing because she does not have the money to pay for hospital bills and medicines that is why he was helping her. The officer was counting the money for the anti-rabies treatment because one vial can be split to four persons and a vial costs PhP 1,200. It is actually relatively cheaper compared to others because San Lazaro Hospital is a public hospital. On the photo on the right, you can see another man who was also trying to offer help to the elderly lady. It’s good to know that there are still good people at times like this. To PO2 Jalandoni G. P. 157437 and to the guy in red, hope God blesses you and that you can be of help to more people.

Good job sirs!

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