How is Plastic Turned into Building Blocks?

Plastic pollution has been a major problem in the Philippines (and the rest of the world) for a long time now. Plastic continuously damages the environment, especially the marine ecosystem. As such, it would be a big help if we would go hand in hand in saving the environment in our own little ways. 

Did you know that an ecobricks composed of around 100 sachets are equal to 1 building block each? Ecobricks are plastic bottles packed with plastic or non-recyclable waste, and are used to create building blocks. Various eco-friendly stores now accept ecobricks to protect the environment and promote a sustainable way of making use of sachets, candy wrappers, and other plastic laminates that we often throw away. 

Want to know how these plastics turn into building blocks? Sip PH shared the process in their Instagram stories:

The laminates including plastic bottles are placed in the shredder. Then it goes into a mixer along with cement, sand, gravel, and water until the plastic items are barely visible.

When the mixture is done, they mold it into bricks and leave it to dry under the sun for two weeks.

These bricks are four times stronger than ordinary hollow blocks and are usually used for pavements, so water can seep through on rainy days. 

We can all make a change one step at a time!

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