This Video of an Adorable Pitbull Eating is the Only ASMR Mukbang I Would Watch

As someone who regularly consumes content from YouTube, I have enjoyed countless food and cooking-related videos—from ASMRs and recipe rundowns to talk shows and cooking challenges. But there is one kind of video I would never watch: mukbangs.

I guess I don’t relate to the entertainment some people get from watching strangers gorge down massive quantities of food in one sitting. It hardly makes me feel hungry (on the contrary, I tend to lose my appetite) and I can’t stand the amplified chewing sounds.

But recently, I discovered a YouTube channel that changed my perspective on ASMR mukbangs.

mr bounce pitbull asmr mukbang youtube channel 1

Meet Mr. Bounce, an adorable pitbull from Japan!

The BOUNCE Channel features a long playlist of videos of Mr. Bounce eating his meals in front of the camera. It’s seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen this week and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I watched a ton in one sitting while doing work. (Okay, that’s also another lie; I was too distracted to actually work.)

Mr. Bounce has eaten steaks, whole chickens, dog treats, and even weird parts like duck heads and chicken feet. Watch and be entertained below!

Such a good boi!

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