PISTA-gisan 2021: The PATTS Inter-Collegiate MICE Skills Competition

It’s time to celebrate the success of PISTA-gisan 2021: The PATTS Inter-Collegiate MICE Skills Competition.

Amidst these difficult times and stress that the pandemic brought us, man reinvents himself and continues to find ways to overcome this crisis. This 5-day event is one of the few occasions where all tourism students are gathered to showcase and share their knowledge and skills. Together we have witnessed the beauty and talent of our tourism students and professors who always put their best efforts to guide and help showcase the hidden qualities of each and every student and help them improve what they already have.


The 1Turismo Productions was able to execute a series of WEBINARS and a variety of COMPETITIONS which provided us with industry-based learnings and the sense of celebrating a virtual fiesta together with different schools and universities in the Philippines.


Indeed the PISTA-gisan 2021 had been an area of fun-filled and challenging experience as we all witnessed the participation of 23 schools, 222 registered attendees and contingents, who had joined Zoom for webinars and competitions. The 1Turismo Productions Facebook and Instagram page yielded more than 1500+ of followers and likes in the last 5 days of the event. Moreover, PISTA-gisan 2021 was sponsored by Sofie’s Corner,  Ramyet Paukyle Printing Shop, BriskBrew, Bitbit, Nawaya, Rajah Travel Corporation, M&SE Mice and Special Events,  HRI Incorporated, and PTC Aviation Training Center.


Here are the winners who brought color to the PISTA-gisan 2021 Competitions.


Festival Makeup & Costume Competition Winners


  • 1st Place – Daniela Nierva Alba
  • 2nd Place – Nick Raphael Sasuluya
  • 3rd Place – Patricia Ann Barba 
  • 4th Place – Zoe Acain
  • 5th Place – Mark Russel Flores


Digital Arts Competition Winners


  • 1st Place – Rhenber Hian Morada
  • 2nd Place – Jan Randelle Cano


MICE Destination Proposal and Campaign Destination Winners


  • 1st Place – Mary Marjorie Gamboa & Lawrence Ortiola
  • 2nd Place – Cjay Bendiola & Marygold Tejada

That’s My Prof Competition Winners


  • 1st Place – Jessa Brioso
  • 2nd Place – Lalaine Pintes
  • 3rd Place – John Cesar Antique
  • 4th Place – Russel Bañaria
  • 5th Place – Pia Jozine Bacani


This is not goodbye because we’ll see you next year for Season 2! 


If you haven’t got the chance to experience the PISTA-gisan 2021: The PATTS Inter-Collegiate MICE Skills Competition don’t worry we still have an upcoming PISTA-gisan 2022! 


As always, we are preparing to spice up the action.


Mabuhay ang Turismo!