Pinoy Teen’s “Sari-Jeepney” Doodle Is on Google PH’s Homepage

Pinoy Teen’s “Sari-Jeepney” Doodle Is on Google PH’s Homepage



If you were “googling” something today, just like any regular day, you may have noticed something different on the Google Philippines’s banner. But unlike any other day where it is usually simply composed of the letter G, o, o, g, l, and e in different colors, Google Philippines’ banner today appears to be a mechanized sarimanok, which shows parts of the Philippine jeepney on the body and sarimanok feathers and tail.

Doodle 4 Google (1)

This was a creation of a high school student from Compostela Valley, Kim Patrick Saren of Nabunturan National Comprehensive High School. It was his entry to the first Doodle for Google contest. His entry, which he coined “Sari-Jeepney”, bested 51,000 other entries from all over the country as it was awarded the grand winner of the said competition.

The entries were judged in three categories: artistic merit, creativity, and theme communication.

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According to Saren, “This is a sarimanok inspired idea. It symbolizes Filipino culture with deep appreciation of hard work and creativity. The concept is created to solve problems like traffic, economy, education and basic needs. The key on the tail signifies the solutions to the problems wherein we must fly high with pride and honor.”

Saren’s entry belongs to the 15-17 age group category. 

The doodle is only displayed on Google Philippines’ page, but who knows, maybe it will be used on Google’s main homepage someday when the timing is right like a big celebration of some sort.

Clicking on the doodle will bring you to the results’ page about Doodle 4 Google.

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Pinoy Teen’s “Sari-Jeepney” Doodle Is on Google PH’s Homepage