Picket Fence Milk and Ice Cream Bar : Ultimate Sweet Tooth Indulgence!

When in Manila, the weather is best described in one word: bipolar. But no matter the sudden changes, may it be too wet or too hot, our best comfort food remains the same: ice cream! We all screeeeeeam for ice cream! And when the craving calls, there’s one place that should be your ultimate go-to: PICKET FENCE!



when in manila picket fence



With its inception just last September 2011, Picket Fence initially began as a concessionaire in some of Manila’s hit bazaars and food feasts. Started by the Ko family (or better yet, the ‘Ko sisters’), they aim to provide us Filipinos with the ultimate  dessert experience through their premium ice creams which are actually imported from Australia! (Brands Everest and Norgen-Vaaz.)



This year, they’ve expanded! Instead of us hunting for them in bazaars, which is in itself a fun thing to do, we can save ourselves from the trouble by just simply going to their newest kiosks that are conveniently located in the SM malls! Namely, they have branches at SM Mall of Asia, SM South Mall, and SM The Block!




when in manila picket fence foodie from the metro



They also have a branch at Harbor Square  and new branches to come soon at the FRB Arcade in Katipunan and at ASEANA Building that’s near S&R Baclaran that will both have dine-in settings! So unlike their SM kiosks that are only permitted to sell ice creams, you’ll have to watch out for Picket Fence’s fresh milk and malt milkshake selections that will be offered in these up-and-coming locations!



Meanwhile, below are just some of the various ice cream flavors that they currently offer!



when in manila picket fence foodie from the metro menu



My favorite among all of them is the Leeny Vanilli and the Rocky Chunky Choc! But of course the other flavors also doesn’t disappoint! Other flavors available that are not included above are Delle Macadamia, Rabo Rainbow, Rum and Raisin, and more…!



when in manila picket fence foodie from the metro cup



Even though Picket Fence’s ice cream selections are imported from Australia, rest assured, they are offered at reasonable prices!  A scoop of ice cream costs P60.00 (a small cup), and two scoops are at P110.00 (big cup).  Meanwhile, their malted milkshakes are priced at P120.00 and fresh milk at P70.00 per glass!



Overall, Picket Fence is hard to miss–from their quirky and bright color theme alone, up to their delectable and creamy ice cream that are packed with flavors of goodness, then they’re surely set to be an ultimate dessert place! YOUR dessert place! So When in Manila, and looking for that great comfort food, rain or shine, come to Picket Fence!



Picket Fence
Milk and Ice Cream Bar 

Tel No.: 242-4305

– SM Mall of Asia G/F North Entertainment (Near Music Hall)
– SM Southmall G/F  (Near Racks)
– SM The Block 3/F (Near Burgoo) 
–  Harbour Square, CCP Complex 


When In Manila photos and write-up by Aileen, the Foodie from the Metro.



WHEN IN MANILA | Picket Fence Milk and
Ice Cream Bar : Ultimate Sweet Tooth Indulgence!