Pia Wurtzbach Goes Out For “Zombies After Boxing” With Doctor Mike

Sorry Queen P, but WE CAN’T KEEP OUR CHILL.

Here’s a post to brighten up your Sunday for all you Miss Universe fans: Pia Wurtzbach just went on, ahem, a “friendly date” with Sexiest Doctor Alive, Doctor Mike… aka “Zombies after boxing.”

Must you tease us, Pia?!

The two first went out with friends on Valentine’s Day, where they seemed to have hit it off! And after a few playful exchanges on social media, it seems that their chemistry is just off the charts!!!

UPDATE: While what was previously posted above did not come from Pia Wurtzbach’s official fan page, this is what was posted on her actual Twitter account:

Zombies after boxing sounds even better than “Netflix and chill”!

We can’t wait to see this “friendship” in NYC unfold.

Doctor Mike, please take good care of our lovely Pia!!

Thoughts on this, guys?? Will this “friendly” date blossom into something more?!


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