Pia Wurtzbach Cooks for First Time in Miss Universe Apartment, Netizens React

Reigning Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach has cooked in her New York City apartment for the first time.

As we know, her stay in this NYC apartment is part of her prize for winning the Miss Universe crown.

Pia has a Culinary Arts degree so we can expect that she can whip up a good meal on her own.

Posted on the Miss Universe Facebook page is a photo of her prepping some meal with the caption:

It’s my first time cooking in my New York apartment. I’m so happy to finally be having a home-cooked meal.

Pia Wurtzbach cooks meal

However, this post has gained a handful of criticisms especially for the Miss Universe organization.

A netizen said that they expect a more lavish kitchen for the reigning Miss Universe.

Pia Wurtzbach cooks meal comment 1

One pointed out that the organization could have at least given her new pots, pertaining to the one Pia is holding on the photo, which seems to be a used one.

Pia Wurtzbach cooks meal comment 2

Another also noticed the pots and wondered where the reigning Miss Universe is located.

Pia Wurtzbach cooks meal comment 3

Despite these, other netizens commend Pia, mentioning that she is happy and simple things like the pots and pans really don’t matter.

Pia Wurtzbach cooks meal comment 4

Pia Wurtzbach cooks meal comment 5

Pia Wurtzbach cooks meal comment 6

What dish do you think Pia is cooking? Do you agree with the netizens saying she deserved better or can she just make the most out of what she has now?