PHOTOS: Netizen Shares About Good-Looking Gasoline Boy

One of our readers sent us information and photos about a good-looking gasoline boy they spotted in a gas station along EDSA.

Jewel Queyquep said:

Ok, so now I finally have the time to post this. Remember Carrot Man and the other (insert tag here)-Men that followed?! Well I’m surprised to have found a legit one just this week. Last Thursday on our way home, our trusty car had a problem, (probably overheated or something) so we needed to stop over the nearest gas station otherwise, baka tumirik ang car.????Anyway I stopped over at SeaOil gas station along EDSA southbound before reaching GMA-Kamuning Station and of course I asked a gasoline boy to help us with the car. Apparently this tall, white guy approached mama and immediately offered assistance. I didn’t see his face right away as I was busy with my phone taking calls and when finally I hung up, I saw him, believe me napadalawang tongin pa ako to make sure I’m seeing correctly and then jokingly, I told mama, “Ma, sure ka gasoline boy yan? Eh bat ang pogi?!” and I even continued, “parang moWdel?!” then we laughed. So eventually he was able to fix our car under the scorching sun therefore contributing to the already hotness of this gasoline boy who helped us. Hahaha! I took photos kasi I really plan to share this experience. I forgot to ask for his name but he seemed nice and polite and he didn’t even want to accept the tip for helping us but was forced to because mama insisted kasi super init talaga that time. So if ever you get to pass by SeaOil Edsa, baka makita nyo siya. Di ko alam kung nag-overheat yung car dahil sa hotness ng araw or sa hotness ni gasoline boy. Hahaha! Thanks for reading, have a great day guys!

“Mr. Gasoline Boy, fuels the fire!” Hahaha! ????

Here are the photos she also sent over:

Good-looking gasoline boy (3) Good-looking gasoline boy (4) Good-looking gasoline boy (1) Good-looking gasoline boy (2)

What do you think of this good-looking gasoline boy? 

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