PHOTOS: In the Middle of DJ Snake’s Set at the Palace Pool Club

2016 was a big year for foreign acts in the country; considering the sheer amount of highly publicized and underground music festivals and events we’ve all witnessed this year, it’s evident that we Filipinos just love to come together to enjoy music. And this December, we got to experience another great DJ set before drawing the year to a close.


Do the songs “Middle” and “Lean On” ring a bell? How bout the ever-popular Justin Bieber collab “Let Me Love You”? Or the lesser known but equally good mix with Aluna George “You Know You Like It”? I’m pretty sure you know and have heard practically all these tracks (and have probably had them on repeat like me!) because these were some of the biggest hits of the year! Another thing these songs have in common? They’re all mixes by none other than DJ Snake himself, whose show we got to check out early this December.


While intimate indie gigs have their own unique charm, there’s nothing quite like cramming yourself into an already jam-packed Pool Club to dance and sing along to the year’s most popular songs, mixed live by DJ Snake himself. The French DJ played hit after familiar hit, and it was SO much fun to have the entire crowd going nuts and singing along! He even performed some songs from his latest album, but saved the best for last, playing “Middle” to close his hour-long set. Missed out? Relive the experience with me in the photos below!


dj-snake-in-manila-2016-1 dj-snake-in-manila-2016-5



Special thanks to The Palace Pool Club for a hella great night!