Philhybrid: Biggest producer of Macapuno

When In Manila, with it’s modern architectural design infrastructures, availabilities of different products and services, enjoyable night spot locations and posh restaurants, we Filipinos still linger to have some relaxing time in the province and sometimes thought of going to have a swim at hot spring resorts especially at Los Banos.The Nature and Science City of Los Baños is a first class urban municipality in the province of Laguna, Philippines and composed of 14 Barangays under the leadership of Mayor Ton Genuino. Los Banos is well known because of the University of the Philippines (UPLB), Hot Spring resorts, International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and its beautiful Mount Makiling among other wanders in this municipality.

A well known tourist destination for environment advocates, foreigners and even Filipinos from different provinces, Los Banos also provides us with selections of native delicacies like Buco Pie and now where the Philhybrid Macapuno laboratory is located.



Philhybrid sweetened Macapuno


According to it’s company website, PhilHybrid Inc. is a company engaged in the production and marketing of embryo-cultured true-to-type Makapuno seedlings and started it’s operations in August 2004. It was founded to implement the vision of the late Speaker of the Philippine House of Representatives and Agriculture Secretary Ramon “Monching” V. Mitra, Jr. Speaker Mitra was committed to produce, promote and expand the production of Makapuno in the Philippines by making embryo-cultured Makapuno seedlings more accessible to as many interested growers as possible. Philhybrid owns the biggest pure embryo-cultured Makapuno plantation in the country. It also has an Embryo Culture Laboratory located at the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) Science and Technology Park, College, Laguna where embryo-cultured Makapuno seedlings are being cultured.

It is the PhilHybrid Laboratory Center.



Philhybrid Embryo culture technology 


Different products from Philhybrid Inc.

(Sugar and Macapuno in bottles)

Filipinos love desserts, we all have sweet tooth and nobody can stop us by tasting delectable and sweet products. So having sweet Macapuno for dessert is like heaven. Philhybrid Macapuno production is the biggest in the country, the Los Banos laboratory have thousands of cultured macapuno plants and with 3 feet high could be sold for Php 650.00, a good and nice gift for an occasion or if one likes to have a 99% sure of macapuno fruits in the future. The regular Macapuno tree only produces 20% of Macapuno thats why at Philhybrid, more Macapuno fruits meaning more dessert on the table or more macapuno fruits in your own farm.





A Philhybrid personnel showing the Macapuno tree from

the UPLB laboratory


The product is packed in 200 ml fancy glass bottle with gold cap and safety label. Label includes company name and address, product net weight, and nutrition labeling. It contains no preservatives and has a maximum shelf life of one year.

Processed Makapuno strings in sugar syrup is truly heaven. My hubby finished bottles of sweet macapuno from Philhybrid and craving for more. My kids tasted this no preservatives product and it became their favorite dessert after every meal.




Kids love the taste of sweetened  Macapuno from Philhybrid


When In Manila, you could even have a taste of Philhybrid products at their Greenhills office, for your family or as gifts. Philhybrid Macapuno Farm is located at Batangas from the vision of Ramon Mitra Jr. Today, Jo Mitra shares his dad vision and continuing to help the community by helping to produce 99% of Macapuno fruits only from Philhybrid.


Philhybrid: Biggest producer of Macapuno