PewDiePie Passes 100 Million Subscribers on YouTube

YouTube sensation Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, recently reached (and went beyond) the 100 million subscriber mark on YouTube. While he may have lost his race to Indian music channel T-Series in terms of being the first YouTube channel to make this count, PewDiePie still sits as the first individual creator to do so. And to give this achievement some context, the channel  with the 3rd highest number of subscribers trails behind them with around 60 million subscribers.

(F’s in the chat please: Pewdiepie finally loses to T-Series)

YouTube and PewDiePie may have had a famously strained relationship but that didn’t stop the platform from publicly (and surprisingly) congratulating the content creator. They made and tweeted a tribute for him, in commemoration of the milestone. It was later retweeted by Pewds himself.

(IN PHOTOS: Pewdiepie and Marzia are married!)

His fans celebrated the occasion by racking up his subscriber count even further. Almost immediately after hitting  100 million subscribers, 100,000 more accounts subscribed to his channel. An additional 100,000 subscribed later in the day. This means that his total subscriber count currently sits at around 100.2 million.

This achievement comes in the same week as his wedding to long-time girlfriend and fellow YouTuber Marzia Bisognin.

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