Petition Seeks To Ban Balut in Filipino Restaurant in New York

It’s great to hear that Filipino-themed restaurants such as Jeepney Gastropub and Maharlika are making its way to the ever-competitive New York City, but just as Filipino food is starting to gain recognition… an animal rights activist is already keen on taking an iconic Filipino delicacy off the menu!

An online petition on, started by animal rights activist Gabrielle Hardy, is making the rounds online, aiming to ban the ever-famous balut from the menu of Maharlika, according to local news reports!

Balut, of course, is a partially matured duck egg, popular for its high protein content, and is also believed to be a source of virility.

According to the report, this Gabrielle Hardy had this to say in the petition:

Balut being banned in New York

“The owner is really proud of selling this food, claiming it is delicious and full of vitamins and proteins essential to humans,”

“The truth is that this food is disgusting and should not be served in a restaurant. I am therefore asking the restaurant to get balut off the menu as soon as possible!

The activist found out about Balut through a video posted by Business Insider which featured Maharlika restaurant and the balut.

According to local news reports, the petition aims on gathering 5,000 signatures, and 4,305 signatures have been collected so far.

Watch the video of the Maharlika feature and the balut, below:

What do you think of balut being banned in Maharlika restaurant in New York City? Share your thoughts below!