Pet Rats: What Should Their Diets Consist Of?

ratzilla - coffee rat (1)

Rats are one of the sweetest pets that one can have. They’re very friendly to humans and are not high maintenance pets, which is why they’re quite popular in other countries and increasingly popular here in the Philippines. Rats are very intelligent and they love to explore whenever I bring them into my room. Some of their favorite destinations for exploration are my food stash and coffee mug… I guess they love black coffee, too!

ratzilla video - milan the wild rat grooming herself

For those who may be interested to take care of pet rats, the good news is that they’re a hardy species, thanks in part to their omnivorous diet. They follow a food pyramid which is similar to that of humans: about 90% of their diet should consist of carbohydrates like grains, rice, barley, etc. Like us humans, though, they also have a tendency to LOVE sweets and junk food. Anything we humans love to eat, rats love to share too. Just remember that their main diet should consist of carbohydrates. To supplement their diet, you can give them dog biscuits. Avoid cat food because it has too much protein and will give your pet rats itchy skin or hair fallouts.

ratzilla - coffee rat (2)

They have a keen sense of smell and were anticipating the noodles I made for them with tomato and Parmesan cheese.

It doesn’t hurt to give them treats once in a while because that’s one way for human and pet rat to bond together. A rat only lives an average of 2 years, and that’s why every day counts to be with our pet rats and show them all of our love.

Thoriel rat macro and portrait photography (November 25, 2015) (11)

My name is Rattus. Time flies and it’s been 7 years since I began the hobby of pet rats. We have founded a group called Pet Rats Philippines. It’s dedicated to promoting awareness about pet rats and one of our goals is to dispel the negative image that are being spread in media and by rumors.  Please do check us out at