Personalize Your Sporting Attire with PSI Custom Sportswear

When In Manila and planning to form your own sports team, nothing makes it more official then actually having your own team outfit! and where else better to have it made than with PSI Custom Sportswear!


I first heard of PSI Custom Sportswear as I was browsing through my Facebook Pages. Someone shared a link to their page and I immediately checked it out. Instantly, I contacted fellow runners from our When In Manila community and invited them to join me to create our own When In Manila running singlet.


Well, to cut the long story short, we had some custom singlets made… and I’m eager to see them. I promise I’ll show them to you as soon as their done, but for now, let me tell you HOW YOU CAN HAVE ONE MADE TOO.


Custom Sportswear by PSI (03)

Team Powerpuff singlets by PSI



1. Initial deposit and quotation

If you’re really serious about creating a team jersey, then all you need to do is contact PSI and let them know what you had in mind. It could be a simple singlet like we did, or maybe a full on triathlon suit. Simply give them the design you had in mind. Minor editing or changes to design is free. After you’ve discussed things with them, they will give you a quotation and an initial deposit of 50% will be required before they begin the process.

The first 50% deposit based on the initial quote will get you the following service:

  • free art consultation (given that the you can provide the proper format on sponsor logo and design
  • free shipping of fit sample and color swatches.

P.S. I’ve seen samples of their work, and let me just say they’re worth every penny. Quality sportswear that you’ll LOVE to wear even at home!



2. Design

Well, what if you DON’T have a design? I want a team singlet but I’ve no talent for design and I know no one who can design one for me either. What to do? No problem. The PSI has a team of designers who can design your team outfit for a minimal cost. In my case, I simply sent them some singlet designs which I found appealing and they based our team’s design on those. They will send you 2 different designs to choose from. Everything was for my approval. If you don’t like the design, no problem. Just let them know and they’ll apply the changes you want (as long as it’s not too much).  They were really nice and accommodating to me, despite my lack of detail and information for our team’s singlet design.

PSI Custom Sportswear 04

 Here’s a sample of our team’s design as created PSI