pasCEklaban at Adamson University


Get ready for a month-long celebration of the “pasCEklaban.” Practice and apply your knowledge related to our program.

The Adamson University Association of Civil Engineering Students, together with as our media partner, invites you to join and participate in the activities including the Annual Seminar and Quiz Bee, Boat Making Contest, Bridge Building Competition, and, for the first time in AdU-ACES, the Earthquake Proof Building Competition.

We will post the registration form on Adu-ACES page and registration for each event and will open every Wednesday. Please be informed on the dates of registration for each sub-event:

IntelligenCE and ConferenCE( August 2, 2017)

BuoyanCE (August 9, 2017) CapaCEty

(August 16, 2017) IntenCEty

(August 23, 2017)