Parang ‘Hachiko’: Dog Waits for Owner Who Was Rushed in the ER

Dog waits master

A photo of a dog named Saicy who is outside a hospital’s emergency room while waiting for his owner is going viral on social media.

According to sunstar.ph, the photo was taken by Arvin Ceria, a nurse reliever at Metro Davao Medical and Research Center (MDMRC). He posted the photo on his Facebook page on June 18. It was being shared and making rounds on social media since.

The post detailed that the dog’s owner was rushed to the hospital after a heart attack. He stood by the door of the emergency room, barking every now and then. Sadly, his owner didn’t make it.

Such a sad story, much like Hachiko. For those not familiar, Hachiko is known for being a super loyal dog. Even after the death of his master, Professor Ueno, Hachiko kept waiting for him for almost a decade in the Shibuya station. That was where they used to meet every day.

Today, a bronze statue of Hachiko can be seen in front of the Shibuya station.

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