Paraluman: Pista ng Sining at Kabataan to return to De La Salle University on June 5-6, 2018

final paraluman poster

Art is more than just a hypothetical conception for our wits to consume for aesthetic purposes; it is a medium for the expression of genuine human passions, a catalyst for the blooming of historical reason.

Knowledge of the legitimacy of art is what we are vying for, for art to be remembered as something more than just a hobby. To inspire the Lasallian community to further hone their talents in any artistic path that may be of great inspiration to them, this program does not seek to enhance these students’ creative abilities in solitude. Instead, it seeks to strengthen the structure of solidarity in liberty through the dispersal of artistic values. Paraluman is a Tagalog word that is widely used by poets to describe artistic muse, and such is what DLSU SHS’s Paraluman: Pista ng Sining at Kabataan aspires to be.

The two-day activity will feature a venue for students to express their artistry and animate their inner muses through a series of workshops divided intro P.I.S.T.A. (Pinta (Painting), Indak (Dancing), Sulat (Writing), Tanghal (Theatre), and Awit (Singing)).

Workshops on performing arts (Indak, Tanghal, and Awit) are to be conducted on the first day, while the remaining two (Sulat, and Pinta) are to be conducted on the second day. The workshops are to be led by prolific personalities and professionals of each field in order to expose the participants to an intimate session of perspective sharing and technique coaching, ultimately sparking inspiration to all the aspiring young artists to take the magic of paraluman and let it prosper in their own abode.