Paolo Sandejas’ New Song “Liquid Courage” is For Those Who Want to Make the First Move

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It’s been a memorable 2022 for Paolo Sandejas. After releasing a couple of singles earlier this year, he had a notable career milestone after V of BTS recognized and included his song “Sorry” on his road trip playlist. He also had his first-ever solo mall show, numerous interviews, media appearances, features, and gigs. Sandejas even opened for British duo Oh Wonder during their Karpos Live concert last month and joined the ranks of Sarah Geronimo and Zack Tabudlo as performers at the iPhone 14 midnight launch earlier this month.

Since he’s a natural singer-songwriter, he’s slated to drop another single for his fans to enjoy. Sandejas’ latest offering is called “Liquid Courage,” a feel-good song that describes that feeling of unease when you’re contemplating if you’re going to go all in and make the first move because you’ll surely regret it if you don’t. Would you want to lose that special person or you’ll take the risk even if you’re daunted?

Watch the official lyric video:

True to the wide scope of his unquestioned creativity, this single is produced by Sandejas himself, along with Fern. and Kindred.

“’Liquid Courage’ is about getting the courage to tell the person you love how you feel. More often than not, we tend to pretend we don’t care to save face and ‘play the game.’ Liquid courage is a call to action to say how you feel and take that risk,” Sandejas shared.

The young singer-songwriter also shared the inspiration for the song.

Sandejas explained, “I actually wrote the song after finishing an anime where the two protagonists are in that exact situation where they like each other but no one does anything about it because of pride and fear of being rejected.”

“It really inspired me and It’s probably one of my favorite anime of all time,” he added. The anime is the 2019 hit romantic series Kaguya-sama: Love Is War.

“Liquid Courage” is part of Spotify’s New Music Friday Philippines and Apple Music’s Absolute OPM Apple Original Pilipino Music playlists and is out now on other digital streaming platforms.

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