Panyers House Bed and Breakfast: A Taste of London in Butuan City

As Butuan City in Northern Mindanao continues to grow, we are seeing more and more restaurants and establishments set up shop in this small city. Panyers House, a quaint bed and breakfast first got our attention on Facebook and we’ve come back more often than we can count. This place may be quietly tucked in one of the smaller streets of Butuan City, but they have managed to make this once sleepy road a place that attracts locals and visitors alike.

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The exteriors will draw you in; the interiors and good food will make you stay. Panyers House gives us a taste of London right in our very own city.

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photo courtesy of Banawe Corvera

Every space and every detail is well thought out – so much so that you will just want to take your camera out and click away. You’ll definitely appreciate all of the details that the owners put into the place. And because the owners are also currently living in the UK, it’s as though they brought a little bit of the London that they know and love for us locals to enjoy.

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photo courtesy of Banawe Corvera

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We keep coming back for breakfast (right after we go biking!), lunch, dinner and even go there for post-dinner wine and cheese nights (I’m a sucker for cheese! I mean, who isn’t?). Because I am in love with the whole look and feel of the restaurant, we’ve been here for meetings, group gatherings, group dates, and everything in-between.

If you’re here for breakfast, you’ll be happy to know that they serve a hearty one! My favorite meal of the day has always been breakfast, and I’m quite happy with the breakfast choices that they have.

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If you want to try something different, I suggest trying their French Toast with Bacon and Eggs or the Chorizo de Butuan with their local vinegar sauce.


For lunch or dinner, my usual favorites would be the Dagenham Pork, the Roast Chicken, and any of their House Steaks.

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The Dagenham Pork is so tender that it tears right off of the bone. You can order this for solo or for sharing. It’s perfect for those who come in groups and want to try other dishes, too.

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The steaks come from Australia, so you can expect them to be of good quality, as well. Ask them to cook it the way you like it, so you can be sure to enjoy it. Not sure how you want it?  You can try medium-well or well-done before you progress to medium-rare or rare cooked steaks.

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photo courtesy of Panyers House Facebook page

One of the things I was also very excited about was when they started to offer their cheese platters and their charcuterie boards, a first in Butuan City. In Manila, Charcuterie boards can get pretty pricey; but at Panyers House, you can enjoy their cheese samplers for as low as Php300.


There’s a range of cheeses to enjoy. Depending on the availability, they have Brie, Edam, Camembert, Gouda, Stilton, Emmental, Manchego – the list goes on. For bigger groups, you can opt for bigger charcuterie boards where most of the meats and the cheeses come from London and other parts of Europe. You can also opt for a take out / to-go box if you want to enjoy them at home instead.


It is no wonder that even though Panyers House is fairly new, they’re already building a name for themselves. This place is becoming one of Butuan City’s go-to spots for dates, hangouts,  and intimate family gatherings. The ambiance, food and hospitality of the staff are definitely some things to beat.

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photo courtesy of Banawe Corvera

So there you go! I hope I”ve given you more than enough reasons to visit Panyers House should you ever be in our neck of the woods.

Panyers House