Panciteria LIDO: 76 years of serving the Best Pugon-Roasted Asado in Manila!

When In Manila, how convinced are you to dine at restos with this label: SINCE xxxx? Panciteria LIDO is one and has been an expert serving their famous Pugon Roasted Asado alongside with an assortment of Chinese dishes- Since 1936! Their pioneer branch was located along the streets of Chinatown, Binondo and though not anymore in operation, they have opened a few branches to continue their legacy. LIDO is an actual mix of Chinese & a Westernized cafe, named after its Chinese Chef cum owner, Mr. LIDO:)


I was on a mission: To dine-in at LIDO in two different places, two different timings. Lunch at their West Avenue branch and dinner at their recently opened Visayas outlet. I personally and intentionally planned that as I wanted to know how LIDO would fare on that certain aspect. I was glad I did! LIDO did not disappoint. Featured items below are Panciteria LIDO’s MUST-TRY!


Dine In: LUNCH @ West Avenue


Pugon-Roasted Asado

Panciteria Lido’s more than 70 year old secret recipe! Concocted from an ancient Chinese pork roast recipe by its Chinese chef, Mr Lido. This carefully cured loin of pork is roasted using an Old-Fashioned brick oven in just the right amount of heat from firewood.

Every bite of this ambrosial creation releases an exquisite flavour. The blend of that succulent meat and sauce is just perfect. Sauce is not too sweet, complements well the unique flavour of the meat. Evidently LIDO’s signature dish as I think this particular kind of tasteful dish is quite hard to find nowadays.

Chami Special

LIDO’s delicacy made from long strings of flour which later became a symbol for longevity (or long life) when eaten. Panciteria Lido’s decades old Chami-special was carefully concocted to pleasure the palate of their most discerning guests. This noodle dish has been the best seller of their Pancit category since the day it was first introduced on their menu.

I love how they make their Chami, not oily nor salty and can really fill up one’s growling tummy. Tasted much more better when combined with rice:) I am not a noodle person but I found myself digging on this! No wonder this is their best seller in the Pancit Category.

You can start off with their soups, LIDO’s Nido Soup! Servings is  generous especially with the quail eggs, I don’t need to scour up that much on the soup bowl:)

Fact is, there’s a minimal call to order much. For these two powerful dishes are enough to complete your meal!

Dine In: DINNER @ Visayas Avenue

Drunken-Lechon Macau

This gotta be my most favorite from LIDO. Why drunken? It would be more interesting to say that the pig gulped some liquor until it reaches a drunken state, but on a serious note, the pork is cured for almost 60 hours and is marinated with wine and spices. The aroma of the wine seems to erode in my mouth when I chew on that crispy chunk of pork goodness!

Chicken Feet

The wrinkly chicken feet that is well puffed, nicely steamed to tenderness and  the gelatinous texture isn’t starchy.

LIDO will always be glad to serve their house tea, but while you’re here, you must try and taste their infamous SYPHON Brewed Coffee.

LIDO Syphon Brewed Coffee

Syphon-filtered Coffee in which they combined the 100 year old brewing method of syphoning with Lido’s own special bean blend and the result? Full bodied cup of coffee with an exceptional aroma and an enticing flavour craved by the most discriminating coffee connoisseur. They introduced this since 1994 and was an instant favorite. It’s perfect to cap off every night with this lil cup of serenity.

Pair it up with their BUCHI !

After this LIDO experience,  I immediately understood why LIDO is always flocked by people When In Manila, that pugon-roasted asado trail will never seem to falter after all. Trivia: Panciteria Lido has no added MSG to their dishes and certainly one of the key factors why they’re still standing firm and strong! It’s kinda hard to beat ’em up for sure, c’mon , it’s 76 years and is still counting 🙂

Panciteria LIDO

West Avenue
Westlife Building, West Avenue corner Bulacan Street, Quezon City
374.7494 / 448.5165

Visayas Avenue

16 Visayas Ave., Brgy. Vasra, Quezon City



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