Pacquiao vs. Broner: People’s Reactions When Broner Said “Everyone out there know I beat him”


A Sunday afternoon in San Juan, La Union is typically busy; but I was surprised to see the streets and the shore of the surf town empty. I found out that today, Manny Pacquiao fought Adrien Broner at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas Nevada.

My friends and I watched the fight’s live stream at Surfer’s Point Deck where I was amused not only by how great Pacquiao’s performance was, but also by people’s reactions every time he hit Broner. I couldn’t help but capture their reactions, especially when Pacquiao defended his secondary welterweight title by unanimous decision and Broner exclaimed, “Everyone out there know I beat him!

Here’s a compilation of people’s reactions during the Pacquiao-Broner fight:

When Manny  Pacquiao came out firing, charging at Broner again and again with jabs and flurries



Pacquiao Broner La Union 02

When Broner bounced back and successfully landed punches



Pacquiao Broner La Union 04

Don’t worry, guys. Our champ has got this. See how great he was?

Now here’s when, as expected, Manny Pacquiao’s win was announced

Pacquiao Broner La Union 14


Pacquiao Broner La Union 15

Someone’s really happy about this win. I wonder why.


This is why! Someone made good money from her friends!

Just when everyone was about to leave, Broner was interviewed and when people heard him say “Everyone out there know I beat him!”, this is how we all reacted


The whole place sounded like a there was a pack of wolves howling because of how ridiculous he sounded. We were all, like, “Everyone??? U sure???” and we’re pretty sure you guys reacted the same! Didn’t you?

Post a photo of your reaction on the comments below to tell us how you felt!