Pacquiao Takes Surprise Drug Test Ahead Of Mayweather Mega Fight

In preparation for their much-awaited mega fight on May 2, People’s champ and Sarangani representative Manny Pacquiao took a surprise drug test, as agreed upon with the camp of American boxing superstar, the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. last Sunday Philippine time, according to GMA News.

Pacquiao surprise drug testing

According to the report, a medical technician came unannounced to the Pan Pacific Park in Los Angeles, California where Pacquiao has been training, who collected urine and blood samples from the champ.

Pacquiao surprise drug test

Both fighters can expect to be tested under the US Anti-Doping Association, which they have both signed up for. Under the US procedure, both boxers must submit to random drug testing weeks before the fight, and immediately after the fight.

Pacquiao surprise drug test 2

The report says that Pacquiao had no problem with the extra drug test that Mayweather requires of him and other opponents. The report also says that Pacquiao also suggested a P5 million fine where one man will pay the other if one of them fails the drug test.

Here’s a video on Pacquiao taking the surprise drug test:

Our hopes are high for the Pacman!

What do you think of the extra drug test Mayweather wants from Pacquiao?? And AGAIN, ARE YOU EXCITED FOR THE MEGA FIGHT ON MAY 2??


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