Paco Park Presents “Piano Resolutions”


Nick Nañgit, International Classical Concert Pianist, will again be holding a one hour open air solo concert, entitled “PIANO RESOLUTIONS” on 8 January 2016, Friday, 6pm, at Paco Park in Manila. He will be opening the 2016 Concert Series of “Paco Park Presents”, a regular Friday program of theNational Parks Development Committee (“NPDC”) and the Department of Tourism.

After his very successful Lunas concert in October last year, Nick will be returning to Paco Park, upon the NPDC’s invitation, by performing classical and Filipino pieces written by the masters: Bach, Brahms, Beethoven, Liszt, Satie (in commemoration of his 150th death anniversary this year), Chopin, Buencamino, Tapales, Azarcon-Inocentes/Real (a world premiere), and Espino/Real.

The Venue: Paco Park, Manila

The Artist: Nick Nañgit –

Nick Nañgit was born to a non-musical family, and it was only at the age of 12 when he began to play the piano his parents bought on sale at a rundown shop. Music that did not come from the TV or radio began to fill the air at home, but it was hardly encouraged since it was costly to pursue. So he studied on his own. His affinity for the piano became increasingly evident when, in 1997, while in law school, he finally enrolled as a special student of piano performance for an Artist’s Course at the Philippine Women’s University (PWU) College of Music. Apart from his musical pursuit, Nick also graduated from the University of the Philippines (UP) with degrees first, in Business Administration and Accountancy, cum laude, and second, in Law. He ranked second in the CPA national board exams, worked as tax consultant and auditor, and later passed the bar exams.

His versatile artistry as a concert pianist has already spanned a decade. In April 2006, he has had his international solo debut in Paris, France at the Eglise Americaine, sponsored by the American Church in Paris in cooperation with the Philippine Embassy. Featured on The Filipino Channel-Europe, the Eurochannel, and the ANC Channel on local cable, his concert has been followed by others in Italy, Thailand, and Vietnam. He has also performed with the Manila Symphony Orchestra and other renowned artists, particularly at the Centennial Celebration of the UP College of Law, the 65th Anniversary of the PWU College of Music and Tribute to Dr. Kasilag, the 50th Anniversary of the Philippine-Austrian Cultural Society, the 40th Anniversary of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, the 25th Anniversary of the Judicial and Bar Council, and the 17th and 19th Festivals of Trees of the MGC and the PBSP. He is a regular too at “Paco Park Presents” and “Concert at the Park” of the National Parks Development Committee and the Department of Tourism. He has been commissioned to play for the National Artist for Music, Dr. Lucresia “Tita King” R. Kasilag, and given command performances for dignitaries and top officials in the Philippines. Notably, his concerts are for environmental awareness or for the promotion of legal rights of women and children. He is the only known artist who practices several diverse fields simultaneously: a CPA-Lawyer, a professor of law and taxation, and a spirit questor. Currently, he writes his books on Taxation and Business, provides legal and business consultancy, and does tactical shooting.

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