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WHEN IN MANILA, let’s face it we love to eat. But not just any food, we look for something that’ll make our mouths water. We crave for that something that’ll hunt our dreams for days maybe even weeks. But most importantly, we thirst for something made with tender, love, and care—something homemade.


Homemade by Roshan is an online pastry shop that sells all of the things that we hunger for. Cookies, bars, cupcakes and even ice creams!


After the third day of yet another tiring but fun college orientation, all of my energy came back as I went home to a world full of sweet treats from Homemade by Roshan.  






Here’s a rundown of the sweets that made my day.





Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip Cookie (P750.00/12 pieces)


Recently crowned as’s #1 Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies, every bite into this gigantic chocolate loaded cookie is even way better than the first.





Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookie (P825.00/12 pieces)


Everyone’s favorite spread is now mixed into this humongous cookie! After eating up a whole cookie all by myself, I felt the urge to gobble up another one and another one and another one.





Belgian Chocolate Chunk Cookie (1,100.00/16 pieces)


This has got to be my favorite among all of the irresistible cookies. Mixed with loads of Belgian chocolate and nuts, this cookie spells heaven like no other.





Surprise Chocolate Cupcake (P800.00/12 pieces)


I’ve always been a cupcake addict. So I immediately grabbed a cup as soon as I saw this mouth watering cupcake waiting for me on the dining table. Before you go on thinking that this is just another boring ol’ chocolate cupcake, it ain’t called Surprise Chocolate Cupcake for no reason.





Triple Ginger Walnut Biscotti (1,150.00/ 28 pieces)


After reading and constantly dreaming of Fifty Shades of Grey, I desperately wanted to try Twining’s English Breakfast tea as it is Anastasia Steele’s morning must-have. And I must say, Homemade by Roshan’s biscotti is the perfect Christian Grey for my morning tea.


Homemade by Roshan is your definite one stop shop for luxurious sweet treats without scrimping on the hearts and flowers WHEN IN MANILA.



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Online Pastry Shop: Homemade by Roshan



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