OMG! This guy proposed to his girlfriend in a photo op with Taylor Swift and Taylor’s reactions are priceless!

We’ve heard of all kinds of proposals. There’s the flash mob, the cute proposal over an intimate dinner, the taking-you-back-to-our-first-date proposal. There are countless ways to propose, it’s up to the proposer to figure out how to pop the question to the proposee in a way that fits their relationship.

We guess getting a world-renowned celebrity involved is one of those ways!

In a crazy turn of events for everyone involved, this man proposed to his girlfriend while mid-photo with Taylor Swift during her Reputation tour. Talk about getting up close and personal!

What makes these photos even better is Taylor’s expression in every photo! Look at how happy she is for them!

Check out the photos here:

Adorable. Congratulations, you two! We hope Taylor’s invited!

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