OMG! The new Pokemon game lets you control via Pokeball!

Hello again, childhood!

Nintendo’s full-speed ahead with their nostalgia train and we’re all hopping right on! Pokemon is iconic. I think it might have shaped a generation or two, even. The theme song is catchy af, the pokemon are amazing, and gameplay is straightforward but fantastic. Everyone knows it and many (very very many) love it. It’s legendary.

So whenever a new Pokemon game is released, people go ballistic. Suddenly, we have the patience of saints to line up and wait for the new game, shuffling nervously in hope that the store we’ve winded around in a queue doesn’t run out of copies.

This new one probably won’t be an exception!

Check the video out below:

It’ll be available on the Nintendo Switch and we’re so excited! You can use the Switch itself, hook it up to a TV, use a Pokeball controller (amazing!), or even connect it with Pokemon Go on your phone! It’s still coming this November but we can’t wait!

Are you excited for this? Let us know!