OMG: Saab Magalona Is Pregnant With Twins!`

Celebrity pregnancies seem to be the trend for the latter part of 2017, and another celeb is adding her name to the list: Saab Magalona!

That’s right — the actress, singer, entrepreneur and online influencer is expecting her first child with husband Jim Bacarro.

Jim and Saab, who are in the band Cheats and co-own the businesses Linya-Linya and Cup Fiction, tied the knot in a beautiful Harry Potter-themed wedding that went viral worldwide in 2015.

Saab made the announcement on her own blog, Spell Saab, where she posted an ultrasound photo. She started off her blog post by sharing that not everyone gets married to immediately have children and that the two have managed to ward off questions about children. Saab prefaced that she and Jim have reached wonderful milestones since their marriage. That said, she ended the blog post by saying:

“Out of all the great things we’ve done in our married lives, I think the greatest thing Jim and I have ever done is… we made a baby… or two.”

Maxene made the following Instagram post:

Guess who won’t be drinking at my wedding?? Congratulations to my “twin” sister @saabmagalona and her husband @jimbacarro! Saab is pregnant with TWINS!!!

Congratulations, Saab and Jim!

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