OMG Nicki Minaj is pregnant!

Hold on to your horses, kids. The “Super Bass” singer-songwriter-rapper is #preggers according to her latest Instagram post! Clad in a bedazzled bikini, the star wasn’t afraid to show off her beautiful body and baby bump. Let’s not forget those heels. Divine! We’re so excited for Nicki! And check out the hair–we’re obsessed with that hue on her.

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#Preggers ?

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In a separate post, she poses standing up, still cradling her baby bump. Minimalism is definitely not her thing as she’s dressed to the nines–puffy sleeves, ruffled trip, hair bow on a topknot that adds at least 6 inches on her height, lacy thigh highs with garter, and those gorgeous platform heels. Truly, she reminds us that pregnancy can be a celebration for those who are excited about it. We can’t wait to meet baby Minaj.

Are you excited about Nicki’s pregnancy? Let us know int he comments! We certainly are!

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