OMG: Meet Caramoo and Carabeef, two albino carabaos from Albay!

Today is Cow Appreciation Day! Today, we’re going to admire these two white ones named Carabeef and Caramoo.

The carabao’s coat colors are often brown, light brown or can even go as dark as black, so it’s a charm to see light-colored ones!

On a post in Reddit, User MisanthropeInLove shared how an albino carabao is “rare af“.

Screen Shot 2018 07 11 at 1.23.30 PM

Caramoo on the left, Carabeef on the right

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to the photo’s owner, Aya, for more details.

Carabeef’s (mama carabao) parents are both regular, black carabaos. Caramoo’s (the baby) dad is an Average Joe black carabao. Since we understand they suffer under the sun because of their skin color, the farmer in charge of them was instructed not to give them any sunbathing job. (As far as we know, he complies!) So they’re only used mostly for eating weeds and pulling stuff uphill.

Since Carabeef and Caramoo are obviously special, they’ve grown dear to our hearts which earned them the immunity from being sold or butchered. If there comes another white one from either of them, we’ve agreed to name it “Caramilk”.

Aya also mentions that the photo was taken in Libon, Albay.

When I first mentioned “puting kalabaw” to my Manileño friends, they thought I was nuts.

Even my friends from other provinces have never seen one! This genuinely confused me because even before Carabeef came to our lives, we’ve seen around half a dozen in our hometown! Turns out, white carabaos aren’t as common as we thought.

Happy Cow Appreciation Day!

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