Ola! We’ve got all the fun stuff you like at Christmas Bonanza Bazaar 2018

Christmas is fast approaching and all are excited to receive gifts, especially the kids. Most of us are busy but that cannot be an excuse why we can’t buy gifts for our loved ones. Come on, Christmas comes once in a year! We know all malls are going to be packed so why not visit bazaars instead and support Filipino Entrepreneurs?

Ola Bonanza Events is having a bazaar called Christmas Bonanza Bazaar 2018 at The Pop Up Katipunan Q.C on Dec 22-24 (Saturday-Monday) from 10am-10pm. The venue of the bazaar is located at the corner of Katipunan Avenue and Xavierville Avenue. It has a huge parking lot and several restaurants and bars. The bazaar is strategically located at the center of several subdivisions, three universities, a couple of malls, and a countless number of restaurants and other commercial establishments.

Christmas Bonanza Bazaar will showcase products of different Filipino entrepreneurs. With the wide range of product selection, you’ll surely be able to bring home something for your loved ones. There will also be games, raffles, and performances for everyone. Of course, there will be food as well to keep everyone full while doing their shopping.

Shop, make someone happy, and support a Filipino entrepreneur all at the same time. What a better way to spend Christmas than by making someone happy and helping an entrepreneur succeed. See you all at Christmas Bonanza Bazaar 2018 at The Pop Up Katipunan!

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