Oktoberfest 2011 at Sofitel Harbor Garden Tent : Beer-ey Bavarian Bash

When In Manila, get yourself ready for Four Long and Amazing Nights of Bavarian Food, Beer and Music by German Club Manila at Sofitel Philippine Plaza:  OKTOBERFEST – 20 to 23 Oct 2011.





At the Sofitel, unlimited San Miguel Beer and Bavarian food buffet will be served to the tunes of traditional Bavarian music from Oct 20th 6.30 pm when the first beer cask will be tapped in Manila— in line with 201 similar ‘Oktoberfests‘ worldwide! 





This is the 2nd year of this German festival in Manila but way back Oktoberfest was actually an extended wedding celebration of a German Prince and his beautiful bride who wed in 1810. The unique thing about it was that the royalty extended this invite to all their citizens who feasted on the finest dishes and home-grown beer (till date considered a ‘food’, not a drink!)  


German club in Manila with an array of sponsors have promised extravagant raffles–Tickets to Munich, Over-night stays at premium hotels and resorts and Cash as well as Gift Coupons. Beauty Contest for fun and of course the crazy Beer Drinking Contest will be the chief attractions. These events brought nearly five thousand people to last year’s Oktoberfest….and this year Sofitel is ready to host 6.5 thousand!

Bollywood movie fans can think of the ‘Tomatina festival‘ in the recent hit ‘Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara’ and get the idea of what this is gonna be lyk…







Helpful Rumour:


I have heard that Friday 21st is already sold out but Thursday and Saturday are still open for bookings. So is Sunday, 23rd Oct 10am-12 noon- which is traditionally a family day.

Kids games, pool-side fun, inflatable jumping castles, magicians, face-painters and food will make an ideal Sunday by the sea-shore Sofitel. Non-drinkers can have their sodas and colas and something called ‘Cali’ which is 3% alcohol in Pineapple soda and enjoy the lavish food spread. 








Traditional favorites of authentic Bavarian fare are Pork Knuckles, Apple Strudel, Red-cabbage and a huge variety of gourmet Sausages. Vegetarian options are also there: Check out my non-alcoholic beer mug and Veg Platter: Potato and Bread dumplings and Stir Fried veggies…Aren’t I having as much fun or more as my more daring counterparts…well-almost… 😆








This four day fest is actually an abbreviation of the traditional 14 day long celebration. In Munich, only the beer brewed within city-limits was allowed to be served. When In Manila, the natural outcome is to celebrate with the ‘World-famous Philipino brand’ SAN MIG ! Next year they even plan to produce special Oktoberfest Beer.




 As I said, Oktoberfest is really a celebration of the love-story of the German Crown Prince and Princess Terese who wed way back in 1810 and celebrated an extended wedding where all citizens were invited to endless drinking and most lavish and rich food. No doubt, Filipinos have loved the concept! Aren’t they as crazy (or more) for Beer, Music and Eating out as the Germans! I find it intellectually stimulating—how every culture has its greek god Bacchus worshipping version. HoLI festival in India for my Indian friends is similar. ‘Do crazy things Day’ kind of affair…. and its a class-less , friendly, family affair, not a clandestine get-high pub crawl. At least it was not meant to be. 




I was told by a German, “Remember– for us — BEER IS ‘FOOD’! ” So in that spirit and given the lovely location of the fest, I am gonna take my family to get a taste of German festivities right here in Manila (Sunday morning). BTW the Filipino staff dressed in Bavarian Costumes looked so cute 🙂 and the fair garden setting with its benches and tables is a total ambience!


Oktoberfest Manila 2011 tickets, merchandise and goodies will be on sale at Sofitel Philippine Plaza’s grand lobby from September 22 to October 23. An authentic Bavarian food festival will be celebrated at the Spiral restaurant in Sofitel from October 10 to 23.

For ticket sales, please call the German Club Manila at (632) 817.3552 and 818.3552 or email at germanclub@germanclub.ph. For room reservations, please call (632) 551.5555 exts. 1991 to 1994 or email at room.reservations@sofitelmanila.com. For Spiral reservations, please call (632) 832.6988 or email at fbreservations@sofitelmanila.com.

1 Ticket is good for 1 night of this wild yet whacky traditional German fest. 




Cigarette Pack Warning:


You pick your day and …well…Have fun and Have someone Drive you back Home after all that load-up…like I did at the mini-fest sampling. Know your personal limits. And if…you are too drunk to walk…Sofitel has arranged hugely discounted room rent packages. Be safe from yourself. You are largely safe, except from yourself 😆 , When In Manila! 

Oktoberfest Manila 2011

Sofitel Philippine Plaza

September 22 to October 23

Authentic Bavarian food festival will be celebrated at the Spiral restaurant from October 10 to 23.


For ticket sales

call the German Club Manila at (632) 817.3552 and 818.3552 

email at germanclub@germanclub.ph


For room reservations

please call (632) 551.5555 exts. 1991 to 1994

email at room.reservations@sofitelmanila.com


For Spiral reservations

please call (632) 832.6988

email at fbreservations@sofitelmanila.com. 


1 Ticket is good for 1 night of this wild yet whacky traditional German fest. 




Oktoberfest 2011 at Sofitel Harbor Garden Tent : Beer-ey Bavarian Bash



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