The Oh Wonder Concert: Humans High On Humans

Written by Ayie Licsi

Oh Wonder 1

The rush, the thrill, the energy, the beat, all were pumping as Oh, Wonder filled the Samsung Hall with voices singing in chorus to all of their songs. I’m still not over it.

Oh Wonder 9

Oh Wonder 8

People love Oh, Wonder’s music because of the chill vibes and the duo’s smooth-as-silk voices, but their show was exhilarating. Josephine’s dancing around was contagious and high with energy. I don’t dance, but she got me waving my arms around that night. Anthony rocking out on the guitar got me headbanging to the beat, too.

Oh Wonder 5

The crowd absolutely adored the alt-pop duo, throwing paper airplanes on stage with little notes for Josephine and Anthony to pick up and see. Their hearts were warmed because everyone knew the lyrics to the songs from their newest album, “Ultralife”, which was just recently released. How could we not know the words? Their songs are so catchy; their albums are always on repeat! Even Reese Lansangan and Clara Benin, who opened the show, are huge fans of the duo.

Oh Wonder 2

Oh Wonder 11

Oh Wonder 12

Oh Wonder 3

Reese’s haunting rendition of her song “Aristophanes” had the crowd silent, and Clara’s “Dust” was a delight to the ears. Their voices were mesmerizing. Malaya Productions did a great job of picking them as front acts. Their sound complemented Oh, Wonder’s. They won the hearts of those who got to listen to them for the first time and melted the ones of those who already love them.

Oh Wonder 7

Watching Oh, Wonder on stage was entrancing. Josephine and Anthony had so much chemistry with each other, as well as with the audience. I even got to hold Josephine’s hand while singing to “Body Gold,” one of my favorite tracks from their first album. There were two other people holding her hand as well but that’s alright with me. I ain’t stingy with my Oh Wonder. At least we all got to share that moment together.

Oh Wonder 13

Oh Wonder 6

Oh Wonder 10

Everyone in the audience was hungry for more. Just when we thought the show was over, Oh Wonder came back up on stage and performed three more songs! Even after all the lights were out, we were cheering for more. I think the fans wanted them to sing all of the tracks from their two albums; but don’t worry -Oh Wonder heard our pleas and promised to return to Manila next year.

Oh Wonder 4