Nurture Run 2014: #LetsBeReal Awareness Run

Nurture Run 2014: #LetsBeReal Awareness Run


Will You Run for Breastfeeding?


United by the imperative (and the hashtag) #LetsBeReal, UNICEF and the organization Beauty Brains and Breastfeeding called on the new media community to help them spread the word about the all-natural practice of breastfeeding.


Social media mavens gathered at Recess by Chef Chris for an intimate discussion about breastfeeding (and yes, male bloggers were also present!) and how at this day and age—and despite scientific studies that say it’s best for babies—less than half of Filipina mothers opt for it.


Advocate Patricia Hizon hosted the event; while Henry Mdebwe, Chief Nutrition Specialist of UNICEF; Kate Demetrio, Nutrition Officer of National Nutrition Council and Iza Abeja, Executive Director of BBB sat down with the bloggers and spoke about the different facets of breastfeeding as it relates to the workplace and in calamity-stricken areas.


Reality Bites

“ The majority of women breastfeeding are those who are very educated or the very poor,” shares Iza Abeja. “ In poor areas like Payatas, 9 out of 10 mothers aren’t breastfeeding. The one mom who breastfeeds is the one who’s seen as inferior.”

When it comes to the issue of breastfeeding, reality bites. This was seen most strikingly when typhoon Yolanda hit the parts of the country. Kate Demetrio shared that even then, mothers did not opt for breastfeeding and instead chose milk formulas – even if there was lack of or contamination of water. 

Meanwhile, recent figures released by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI-DOST) say that breastfeeding rates are at 47 percent and more alarmingly, there are actually areas in the country that have breastfeeding rates of only 27 percent. That’s 7 out of 10 mothers who opt for infant formulas and other artificial milk substitutes.

As host and breastfeeding advocate Patricia Hizon put it, “Filipina mothers aren’t keeping it real and we want to help change that.”


#LetsBeReal and join us on May 18, 2014 for Nurture Run 2014!


In keeping with the thrust to promote, support and protect the rights of the breastfeeding mother and child, UNICEF and Beauty Brains and Breastfeeding is organizing the Nurture Run, one of the biggest breastfeeding awareness initiatives in the country to date. More than 10,000 runners and breastfeeding advocates are expected to join Nurture Run.

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Iza Abeja, Executive Director of Beauty, Brains and Breastfeeding (BBB), opens the event by giving a brief background about their organization and what it wishes to achieve—a country where every kid is given equal chance to enjoy the wonderful benefits of breast milk.



UNICEF’s Chief Nutrition Specialist, Henry Mdebwe, explains how lack of readily available breast milk is affecting millions of babies all over the world.



Iza Abeja shares her own rewarding experience with breastfeeding and how Nurture Run intends to provide every Filipina mother with the same benefits.



After the event, Iza Abeja poses with her kids and Henry Mdebwe.





Nurture Run 2014: #LetsBeReal Awareness Run