Nudo Swimwear: Embodying Glamour and Style


When In Manila, swimsuits never go off-season! So if you’re looking for a nice pair of bikini at an affordable price, check out NUDO Swimwear

Banner Nudo(L-R) Nudo Swimwear: Pleated U String Bandeau, Mandala Triangle, Vintage Vogue


Nudo Swimwear

A locally based swimwear line, Nudo Swimwear elevates swimwear into a higher fashion by producing not only sexy, but mostly sophisticated swimwear designs for women. Without sacrificing QUALITY and PRICE, Nudo Swimwear sees to it that their swimwear embodies glamour and style that women will surely love.


“Each piece is designed using exquisite combination of materials and colors that reveals the sexy, edgy and luxurious nature of the collections without spending thousands of pesos for a pair.” -Nudo Swimwear



 Vintage Vogue by Nudo Swimwear


Like what my friends know of me, I really love swimsuits! If make ups, bags and clothes make lots of girls smile.. My bikinis and swimsuits make me smile.

And finally, when I got hold of my Nudo piece, I had nothing to say but, WOW! I love the design, I love the print.. and the quality of the bikini, really good for its price. 

At a price of Php 950.00, you can already own a stylish set of bikini.


 Vintage Vogue at Php 1,250.00


Nudo Swimwear bannerNudo Swimwear: Balesin, California Girl Bustier, Eyelet Kaftan 


 Anchor Bandeau by Nudo Swimwear


Anchor Bandeau at Php 1,100.00 

 Not only that, Nudo Swimwear also has cover-ups that you can pair with your swimwear! Well of course also sold at an affordable price!

So WHEN IN MANILA, if you’re in need of fashionable swimwear, with quality at an affordable price, visit Nudo Swimwear! You won’t get disappointed! 


Nudo Swimwear

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Nudo Swimwear: Embodying Glamour and Style