No Sketches, Just Natural Patterns: This Tattoo Idea Is Absolutely Amazing!

Are you itching to get inked soon but still clueless on what design to put on your skin forever? Well, lucky you! We just found this absolutely brilliant idea that we’re sure you’ll love, most especially if you admire nature’s beauty.

So, this thing is called Botanical Tattoo pioneered by Rita at As compared to the usual process of asking an artist to create a sketch for you, these folks use gorse, heather and flowers with ink as a stencil that the artist can follow and trace. It’s completely amazing because your tatt will be an actual print of the flowers you choose. Yup, no sketch just natural patterns of flowers, leaves, stems or whatever.

Time to check out your garden for some lovely flowers that you can use as patterns for you next inking sesh! Tatt virgin? Check out our article on how to survive your first tattoo here.

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