‘No Phone While Driving’ Law Will Be Enforced Starting May 18

Via: huffingtonpost.com

Via: huffingtonpost.com

Starting this May 18, the Anti-Distracted Driving Law will be enforced. It became law last August 1, 2016.

With the implementation of this law, any driver caught using a phone while they are driving will be apprehended and fined. The implementation includes drivers even on full stop while in a middle of a heavy traffic or on a stoplight.

Here are the fines when apprehended:

  • 1st offense: P5,000 fine
  • 2nd offense: P10,000 fine
  • 3rd offense: P15,000 fine + 3 months suspension of license
  • 4th offense: P20,000 fine + revocation of driver’s license

Regardless of whether there are fines or not, we highly recommend keeping your eyes on the road at all times and to always, always drive safely, no matter what.

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