No Pets Allowed in Mall? No Problem! Security Guard Takes Care of Them!


This photo of a security guard at the entrance of a mall with a dog beside him is trending right now on social media. It has a caption:

Tnx sa kay mabaet na manong guard kase kht hnd kame pinapasok sa mall binantayan mo baby namin..xD Ang tuwa ko pa sa mga tao lumalapit..lage tanong if bnebnta xa..sagot ni manong..HINDI MAM TUTA PA KASE KAYA K9 OJT MUNA SYA HAHAHAH

Rough translation:

Thank you, Mr. security guard! Even if you didn’t let us inside the mall, you watched over our baby! Every time someone would approach him and ask if he was selling the pup, he jokingly said “No, ma’am. It’s a pup because he’s a K9 OJT.” 

For dog lovers, it is common to experience malls and other establishments here in Manila that prohibit pets inside. Of course, policies are policies and we have to comply. We try to find a mall that may let us bring in our furry babies. We don’t like leaving them outside. They get stressed out when they are not with people they don’t know. Glad there are security guards like him who care about our fur babies! Although it’s not a part of his job, he does it, so thank you!

The author and owner of the photo is still unverified. Please let us know if you know who owns the photo so we may credit them fully.

Do you have a similar experience like this? What’s your favorite pet friendly mall? Let us know!


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