NLEX to be Renamed as Cory Aquino Expressway

When In Manila, I’m sure you’ve used the North Luzon Express Way (NLEX) more than a couple of times when traveling. Well, while we were busy celebrating Mother’s Day, the bill passed at the House of Representatives renaming the North Luzon Express Way to Corazon Aquino Expressway (CAEX) was given an OK.

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NLEX was first built in the 1960’s and was soon known as the North Diversion Road and Manila Expressway (MNEX) connecting Metro Manila to the provinces in Central Luzon. House Bill 4820 which seeks to rename the highway after the late former President Corazon C. Aquino was first filed and proposed by Nueva Ecija Rep. Magnolia Rosa Antonino-Nadres last 2014.

According to Antonino, renaming the NLEX after our former president is a way of honoring her.

“If favorably passed into law, it will constantly remind us of the noble deeds of the late President, especially for the poor, and inspire our people to emulate her example of selfless service to the nation while her exceptional courage and leadership gave hope and united the Filipino people at a critical time in the country’s history,” she shares.

So how does CAEX sound to you guys? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this.