Nino Alejandro Highlights Pinoy Pride in New Single “Sigaw”

The country, and the world, has had a challenging year, to say the least, but that didn’t stop Nino Alejandro from doing what he loves best – making good music. In the wake of the challenges of the global pandemic and the unrest and uncertainty this has caused in the country and all over the world, Nino felt the timing for his latest song couldn’t be more appropriate.

The single, entitled Sigaw and penned by Alejandro, is a catchy rock anthem inspired heavily by the singer’s love of classic and glam rock. The song signals a return for Alejandro to his rock roots and highlights a deep sense of pride in the many talents, passion, and bayanihan found in the Philippines.

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A surging electric guitar hook starts the song and carries the anthem bolstered by a strong drumbeat and a funk-inspired bass line. The lyrics were inspired by Alejandro meeting incredible Filipinos all over the world during his tours and travels. He noticed with pride how Filipinos flourish wherever they are and reiterates in his lyrics that Filipinos are world-class, shining in all different parts of the globe, and should be proud of their accomplishments. 

The anthem calls for unity amidst difficulties and divisiveness and rallies Pinoys everywhere to be proud of one another and to stand together and never give up. It’s a message of hope that is needed now more than ever. 


Sigaw” was recorded and engineered at Rebel Records Studio and is Alejandro’s debut single with Warner Music PH and Rebel Records PH. It has the type of exciting recall that is sure to make it a hit on airwaves. The song will also be part of Alejandro’s upcoming EP, his first in several years, coming out soon.

Sigaw” is available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes Store, and YouTube Music. For more information check out or