‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ is Getting a Sequel

Who doesn’t have ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ on their list of must-watch Christmas movies (or Halloween movies… it works both ways)?

If ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ played a big part in your childhood, then you will be ecstatic to hear that it is a getting a sequel in the form of a Young Adult novel and will be set after the events seen in the 1993 movie. The star of the novel? Sally. Sally will be telling the story from her point of view and will take place after she kisses Jack Skellington on Spiral Hill. Apparently, they are married now(!) and Sally has been dubbed The Pumpkin Queen.

Aside from telling their love story, a new adventure will also begin for Sally when she sets the Halloween Town villain free by mistake and puts everyone in danger. Apparently, we can expect to welcome most of our favorite characters from the movie into our lives once again while also meeting a new cast of grim and strange characters. We’re sure we’ll fall in love with them, as well, and we’re more than excited to get to know Sally on a deeper level here.

The novel is set to debut in July 2022. Who’s excited? 🙂
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