Nightmare at Carnival

Nightmare02 Final 3

To all the little monsters out there! Prepare for a night full of horror and fright that will surely haunt you in your dreams at night.

We have prepared a day filled with cobwebs, spiders, ghouls, and freaks that you only see in your nightmares.

We welcome you to “Nightmare at Carnival” on October 21, 2017, 4PM-12MN at Carnival Foodpark Mayor Gil Fernando, Marikina city.

               Warning: to survive the night, you will need to dress up in your scariest and freakiest Halloween costume to blend in the crowd. You will be experiencing exciting events and activities and you might even win the best in costume.

Prepare to get a lot of freebies and prizes. For the little monsters, we have a trick or treat activity with different kinds of candies to try for the monsters to feast on. We have also prepared a classic horror movie so expect people trembling on their seats.

                 A little reminder to everyone you may think you’re brave and strong but believe me you cannot survive this night alone so better bring your family and friends. This event is sponsored by, Philippines Science Centrum, and Regent Food Corporation. See you in your nightmares!