Ngong Ping 360: A Piece Of Heaven In Hong Kong

Hong Kong has always been close to my heart, there’s so much to see and you can always find a little bit of paradise anywhere you go.

Just a few train stations away, you will reach Ngong Ping 360. It’s a must-visit for tourists especially those who want to get in touch with their spirituality or to those who want to feel one with nature. Though you might be visiting Hong Kong in summer, it is sure that you can feel the cool breeze and a little bit of drizzle when you visit Ngong Ping 360.

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To get to the Ngong Ping Village, you will have to take a cable car. You can choose between a standard or a crystal bottom cabin. I suggest you get the crystal cabin so you can get the full experience. If you are afraid of heights, maybe this is the time to overcome that fear 😉

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There are non-stop rides throughout the day so you can just hop in. There can be long lines in Ngong Ping 360 especially during the weekends, so make sure you book your ticket ahead. No worries because there is no specific time in your booking, you can get a ride any time. We booked our roundtrip tickets through Klook for Php 1,362/each, which are cheaper than purchasing tickets on-site. You can also skip the long lines as there is a special window for those who booked through the app.

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What we booked is inclusive of the round trip crystal cabin tickets, visits to the Po Lin Monastery, Wisdom Trail and the Tian Tian Buddha which you can see in the photo above.

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What I loved most about Ngong Ping 360 is how they showcased their culture. You can visit the temples or climb up the Buddha to see how rich their culture is. You can also kick back and relax at the restaurants and gift shops along the village. You might also come across some cows and dogs in the property! There is also an option to go to the fishing village so make sure to check out the map that you will be provided.

How to get there:

-By Train: Take the MTR to Tung Chung station and take Exit B. You can see the Cable Car terminal from there.

-By Bus: Take the Bus to Tung Chung: E11, E21, E23, E31, E31, E33, E34, E41, 1R, S1, 2, 21, 23

You can also book private transfers from your hotel to the station from Klook!