News: Filipino Weather Channel (DOSTv) Launched

Now that it’s starting to rain, it’s timely for the Department of Science and Technology to launch a Filipino Weather Channel to spread awareness about the incoming typhoons, updates on calamities, and more.

Rain Flood Manila (8)

Rainy season is up next, so educating ourselves on what to do during typhoon is spot on!

According to the Manila Bulletin report, the soft launching of DOSTv was held Monday, at the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) central office in Quezon City.


Furthermore, aside from the weather updates, the DOSTv will also feature the following information:

  • interviews
  • bulletins
  • public announcements/advisory
  • trivia segments
  • short documentaries

The DOST’s initial broadcast will be a feature on Diwata-1, where viewers can have an overview of Diwata-1′s functions, its role, and also the people behind its development.

Essentially, the DOSTv is vital to decision-making,especially, when creating/planning events. Additionally, besides showcasing weather updates and information, the DOSTv is also a good platform to educate the viewers about earthquakes.

Although, the concept is similar to another weather channel called “Panahon TV,” the agency confirmed that they are not competing as they have one ultimate goal – to inform the public. The DOSTv, however, is a government station, they get the information first.

The DOSTv,on the other hand, is a government station which receives information first.

The studio is currently located in PAGASA.

So, what do you think of this initiative? Do you think it will be helpful?