New “Shaman King” Anime Is Premiering on Netflix Real Soon

Get ready to go on a trip down memory lane, anime fans, because the new “Shaman King” anime is finally premiering on streaming site Netflix real soon!

shaman king reboot 2021 yoh

In case you haven’t heard, the beloved series got its long-overdue reboot that tells the entire story written by manga creator Hiroyuki Takei. The original anime — though it rose to popularity across the globe since its release — actually never gave audiences the right ending as it concluded its 64-episode run waaay before Hiroyuki Takei even got to finish the manga. Thankfully, this isn’t going to be a concern this time around.

The rebooted “Shaman King” will reintroduce us to the character Yoh Asakura who embarks on a quest to hone his shaman skills and become the Shaman King, who will bear the power to change the world in any way he wishes. It premiered in Japan last April 2021 and has currently aired 17 out of the 52 episodes planned for the show.

Former fans of the 2001 series will also be delighted to know that certain cast members returned to lend their voices for the reboot and that well-known Japanese voice actress and singer, Megumi Hayashibara, also performed the opening and ending theme songs just like in the original.

The new “Shaman King” anime will be available to watch on Netflix this August 9.

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